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Dear friends,
I feel one year is relatively a short time and we have seen close to three conferences or scientific meetings during the year.

Nevertheless, some thinking into the future of S.B.D.I. organization would be helfful for our further programs .

Right now the conferences are being organized by the sole sponsors ( Abbott, Solvay & Nicholas )

There are issues like the membership drive and calling the members interested in joining the S.B.D.I. which probably is affected by this reason. This year I did have many problems in the organization of the 2nd annual conference, which, thankfully, was sorted out with the help of Dr. Anukant Mittal , Dr. Rajesh Nagpal and Dr. E. Mohandas.

We need to draw a plan for the year and probably think much beyond.

Dr. M.S. Reddy has been invited to organize next year annual conference. I wish today we all consider this issue and move forward.

For the society members are the backbone , we have 24 members as of today.. we need to work on increasing the membership of our society. Further on we need to work on making some branches for the I.S.B.D., our parent society of which we are the chapter.

We have two proposals from Dr. M.S. Reddy for starting of the awards. Executive is seized with this. I think we need to take a fixed call on these awards and ratify so that we can start from next year onwards.

I propose this executive can take a call on having one dinner meeting or breakfast meeting at ANCIPS 2012. Dr. Yatham has agreed to give a lecture.

We need to consider the issue of the sole sponsorship for our meetings which is currently the practice. We need to participate at I.S.B.D. meetings both scientifically and also organizational.

We need to improve and strengthen S.B.D.I.

I thank the helpful advice of Dr. E. Mohandas, Dr. Rajesh Nagpal, Dr. Anukant Mittal, Dr. M.S.Reddy and our treasurer Dr. Venu Jhanwar in the organization of S.B.D.I. hopefully by next year with more members, we will have much better attended conference. I thank one and all for reposing faith in me to be your Secretary General.

Long live S.B.D.I.
Dr. G. Prasad rao
Secretay General,
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