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Awards and Scholarships

The Society can enter into contract with individuals, institutions, commercial and other bodies to organize competition for prizes, fellowship, or bursaries to encourage research in Psychiatry and allied subjects, or for any other purpose in keeping with Society’s aims and objects.

The Society may institute awards, fellowship and scholarships from special grants or endowments it may receive to encourage scientific, activity, research, raise the level of clinical practice or for any other purpose in accordance with objects of the Society. Any awards named after an individual or body would be named as the name of the individual body-{followed by – Society for Bipolar Disorders-India Award Scholarship, Fellowship etc- (followed by) reasons/purpose of the awards.

While accepting any grant, endowment or funds for an award or scholarship etc. the Council would ensure that the objects or the dignity and image of the Society is in no way compromised.

Any proposed for the institution of an Award, Fellowship, Scholarship, Prize or alike would be scrutinized by the Council and placed before the NAB who would then approve or reject it, based on its purpose, merits, feasibility and need.

While accepting the proposal of an Award the Council and the NAB would ensure that the donor or the person instituting the Award deposits a sufficiently large fund to make the Award feasible not only today, but in the future.

The Society may set up a separate Award Committee to judge, regulate and oversee the awarding of the Award, Scholarship, Prize etc. to the right person.
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